efil Volunteer Summer Summit 2012
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The EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit is officially over. 213 days were spent on its preparation, only 3834 cups of coffee were drunk by the Prep team during that period, 185 hours in sauna, over 800 emails, endless negotiations, hours of skype meetings and in person meetings, dozens of issues popping up last second - it was exhausting, but definitely worth it to make an unforgettable event for AFS volunteers!

The Volunteer Summer Summit in Latvia became the 5th success in a row. It is amazing how this project of EFIL is developing from year to year. The community of VSS friends and the number people who keep returning again and again is growing.

170 volunteers from 28 countries gathered in the Turbas Leisure Complex near Ogre/Latvia to attend workshops, share best practices, network, make friends, create new projects and get even more motivated for future work in AFS.


efil Volunteer Summer Summit 2012
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