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The 2011 Summit
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The EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit is officially over. 247 days were spent on its preparation, 11856 cups of coffee were drunk by the Prep team during that period, over 500 emails, more than 1000 skype messages, endless negotiations, hours of skype meetings and in person meetings, dozens of issues popping up last second - it was exhausting, but definitely worth it to make an unforgettable event for AFS volunteers!

The Volunteer Summer Summit in Portugal became the 4th success in a row. It is amazing how this project of EFIL is growing and developing from year to year. The community of VSS friends and the number people who keep returning again and again is growing.

160 volunteers from 29 countries gathered in eco-camp resort "Zmar", Odemira, Portugal to attend workshops, share best practices, network, make friends, create new projects and get even more motivated for future work in AFS.

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The famous VSS spirit took over "Zmar". We have created a Europe map of people during the Opening Session, successfully attended plenty of interesting and useful workshops, almost learned the Portuguese birthday song, traded and tasted everything from Russian Vodka to Bosnian candy at the Intercultural Bazaar, gathered new ideas for the upcoming Intercultural Dialogue Day which seems to be moving across countries, learned everything from traditional dance to history of Portugal, whitewashed a Portuguese village as a community project and had fun with the locals afterwards, shared outcomes of workshops, written action plans and thrown the Prep, Support and Trainer Teams into the pool after the Closing session. These are only few highlights from these wonderful 5 days, as every participant and team member will of course be taking home his or her own bouquet of memories.

If you havenít been there, you missed a lot, but you may catch up in Latvia. Yes, if you havenít heard the gossips yet, next host country of the VSS is Latvia! The Sunflower - the new symbol of the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit - was handed over by this yearís Prep team to the Latvian volunteers.

We all hope that the next Summer Summit team will keep up the amazing job that was done by all the teams this year and will gather even more people from even more countries to learn, network and have loads of VSS fun by the Baltic Sea next summer!

Sincerely yours,
Prep team of the VSS 2011

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Certificates for Workshop Tracks and single workshops, for the members of the organising teams (Prep Team, Trainer Team and Support Team) can be viewed and downloaded.
24th of August

Action plans for the
Intercultural Dialog Day
September 29th,  2011

During the summit's Open Space session eight action plans were prepared. Here you can see the results and get information for your own plans!

efil Volunteer Summer Summit 2011
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